How you can help right now.

  • Sign the Petition and share it with your friends


  • Email Bellingham Public Schools and share your concerns with them:



Greg Baker

School board

Deputy Superintendent

Michael Copland

Executive Director, Communications and Community Relations

Jacqueline Brawley

  • Contact a member of the School Board

School Board Director

Kelly Bashaw,

School Board President

Douglas Benjamin


School Board Director

Camille Diaz Hackler


School Board Vice President

Jenn Mason


School Board Director

Katie Rose



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Greg Baker

Superintendent of Bellingham

Public Schools

360-676-6501 Ext: 6501

Tips for sending a successful email/making phone calls.

When in communication with Superintendent Greg Baker, concerned citizens have been met with non-communication styles that are meant to end or prolong discourse. To help avoid these, try the following:

  • Read the info document

  • Chose a point from the document about how police in our schools is harmful to children of color and ask them how they respond. When they respond, ask yourself these questions:

    • Did they answer the question, or "dodge" the question?

    • Did their response actually make reference to the the information you sited or was it a general response?

    • Did their answer have site-able evidence to back it up, or was it an opinion, anecdotal ,or vauge? "I've heard many people of color express good feelings toward the police"

    • Do you feel like your concern was heard?

    • Do you feel like the response to your specific concern was genuine, or do you feel like it was copy/pasted from another email or a pre-written statement?

  • If your question is not answered directly, point it out, and ask again to be responded to directly

  • Remember;

    • The school board's purpose is to field community concerns and to "hold the district accountable for results"

    • Superintendent Greg Baker is a public servant who is paid $298,000 a year by you, the taxpayer. He can afford to give you his time; you already paid for it and deserve it.